What’s New Instructions

loginStep 1

Log into your BCAADA website account here: www.bcaada.com/login

Your login credentials are:

  • Username: Your first initial and last name (ex. ssilver)
  • Password: Your first initial and last name (ex. ssilver)

Step 2

video-btnOnce you are logged in, you can access the training videos.  These can be found on the left hand black vertical bar under “Video Help.”  Click on “Video Help to see the list of 4 videos.

Step 3

video-playSelect a video to view by clicking on the title.  A new screen will open.  Click on the “PLAY” button to start the video. You may need to turn your computer speakers on to listen to the audio.

Step 4

When the video is finished, close the window to return to previous screen and watch the next video.

Step 5

Please watch all four training videos. Then you can try posting your first news item. If you have any problems doing this, please watch the training videos again. You can watch them as often as you like.

Step 6

If you still have problems or don’t understand the instructions, please call Susan or Kathryn at Susan Silver Antiques, 413-229-8169. (Please do not call Glenn Geiger. He isn’t handling this part of the website for us.)